Program ljetnje prakse u Apoloniji Plus i ovog ljeta tokom jula i avgusta  ugostio je 10 studenata sa različitih univerziteta iz Rusije.

Razmjena iskustava i kultura i sjajni utisci 🙂

My name is Kudaev Ahmed. I’m a student of the 5th year of the Dental Faculty of the Saratov State Medical University, which  is one of the five best universities in Russia.

I chose the MNE program, because I wanted to see and compare dentistry abroad. It turned out that dentistry in Montenegro is very similar to Russian . Virtually no differences, maximum in small details. I believe that I was very lucky with the clinic. Kind and sympathetic staff, positive and carring to their patients.

 Separate gratitude to our mentor Julia and the chief doctor Branko Rasovic, who paid us a lot of attention. I would gladly have worked with these people.

Hi, my name is Hakob Nalchajyan and i come from St. Petersburg..

During the visit to the clinic Apolonia Plus I have gained good knowledge and indescribable feelings.

I want to thank to all who worked this time with us. I thank to doctor Julija and doctor Branko for good impressions.