Biolase EPIC X Laser

EPIC™ is the latest diode laser innovation from BIOLASE. Loaded with one patented, proprietary feature after another, the EPIC diode laser platform is available in four package configurations designed to meet the needs of every dental office. Whether you are seeking a standard soft tissue diode laser, or expanded features for Whitening and Pain Therapy, there is an EPIC configuration perfect for you.

Intraoral camera

Allows direct visual representation of the teeth and oral cavity, as well as interactive participation of the patient in certain phases of work. IOCs allow the patient to see a clear picture of the inside of their mouth, aiding the dentist in consulting with them on various treatment options. Images can be saved to a patient’s file for future reference.

Digital X-Ray Machine

Use of this device get an X-ray image of the target region of the jaw or teeth that we want to analyze. A radiographic image is formed by a controlled burst of X-ray radiation which penetrates oral structures at different levels, depending on varying anatomical densities, before striking the film or sensor.


Panoramic X represents a panoramic image of the complete upper and lower jaw, including the sinuses, in which one can see the complications at the roots or on the tooth, and even on the gums. On ortopan recording clearly provides the position of the teeth, their relationship as well as the eventual pathological processes (neat, inflammatory processes).

This clip dentist gives an insight into the general state of both teeth and jaw bone quality and allows for the planning of future therapies.


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